Hey guys. Just wanted to update you on what I've been doing for the past 12 months. My Forever has been a project of mine that has seen a few different line up changes over the past few years and I am extremely grateful to all band members who have been involved in helping this band move forward. When 2015 hit I felt it was time to take My Forever forward on my own as I have many dreams and aspirations that I want to achieve and unfortunately past line ups have not shared the same vision. It feels like the right time to take this forward on my own and I have never been more excited to do this. 

For the past year I have been writing & recording a brand new record, all of which will be released this spring. On record, it is all me, but for live shows I will be joined by session musicians who I'm sure you will all grow to love. I have tons in the pipeline, new music, new music videos, new covers, plenty of new content and I cannot wait to take this new record on the road and play live for you all. 

I just want to thank you all for your patience and for the support you have shown me over the years and hope that support will continue on this next phase for My Forever. 

For updates until the record is released follow me on Twitter @ myforeverband or davemyforever.  INSTAGRAM: davemyforever FACEBOOK: davemyforever and on the My Forever Facebook page: 

I can't wait to share this new record with you, COMING SPRING 2016. Release date will be announced very soon. 

Dave x

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